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Our Company

Our Company

Haynncorp™ designs and manufactures specialized industrial process equipment for the Finishing Industry and beyond.

Maintaining a strong relationship with our suppliers is a key element to Haynncorp's customer service, continuous improvement, and product development

When you go with Haynncorp™ - you go with the best!

  • Anderson Bolds
  • Eclipse Burners
  • Riello Burners
  • Karl Dungs Valves
  • Cincinnati Fan
  • New York Blower
  • Cleveland Controls
  • Dwyer
  • TDC Filter
  • RJ Manufacturing
  • Precision Design Electrical Engineering
  • Ideal-Line
  • and MORE!
Tanks/Heat Exchange
Haynncorp™ designs and builds tanks for many applications including replacement washer tanks, dip tanks, steam chambers, and holding tanks.

We offer many custom features such as heating options, lid arrangements, pumps, eductors, mixers, parts baskets and tumblers.

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