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Haynncorp™ designs and manufactures specialized industrial process equipment for the Finishing Industry and beyond.

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Spray pre-treatment

Spray pre-treatment

Application: Pre-treatment of metals e.g. by the following processes:

•    Alkaline degreasing.
•    Iron phosphating / degreasing.
•    Zinc phosphating.

Haynncorp™ readily advises concerning the choice of the correct process, and the plants are dimensioned individually according to the process and requirements.

Function: The item passes through a tunnel divided in a number of process stages, in which the chemicals or rinse water are sprayed on.  The number and length of the stages are adapted to the process.

Process stages: Every process stage consists of a tank with strong pumps distributing the liquid to a number of rinse risers fitted with nozzles.

Spray pre-treatment diagram1

Intermediary zones / tunnel: Between every process stage there is an intermediary zone, in which the item is dripping off.  The lengths of the intermediary zones are adapted to the length of the items and ensure that the various process liquids are not mixed.  The exhaustion in the tunnel as well as in the entrance ensures that steam from the plant does not get out into the working area and the conveyor plant.

Liquid flow:
The rinse water is led through the plant in a reverse cascade rinse, which minimizes the consumption of rinse water.  Extra rinse risers in the intermediary zones can reduce the water consumption further and make the plant free of wastewater discharge.

Heating: If a process stage is to be heated, this can be done by gas, oil, water, steam or electricity.

Materials: As standard the plants are produced with all the liquid touching parts (tank, tunnel and pumps) in rust-resistant and acid-resistant steel depending on the process.  The rinse risers and the nozzles are made of plastic materials, which can resist the process conditioned temperatures and chemicals.

Insulation: The tunnel ant all tanks are insulated with mineral wool and covered with powder painted Steel cassettes on the outside.  Energy loss and noise from the plant are minimal with this construction.

The rinse risers and the nozzles can be adjusted ant dismantled without the use of tools. Cleaning can be carried out externally.  Service doors in all the intermediary zones give easy access to the tunnel in which there is a non-slip gangway over all the tanks.  All the pumps are mounted vertically in the cover of the tanks ant are immersed in the liquid.  Hereby an easy maintenance and an elimination of the possibility of liquid outside the tank at a leakage in the pump system are achieved.

Examples of supplementary equipment:

•    Plant for demineralized water.
•    Oil and sludge filter.
•    Acid rinse for the cleaning of heat exchangers.
•    Precipitation and waste water plant.


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